Ljusdal and Ramboll are looking for companies and investors that want to finance, develop and build:
  • a circular and sustainable food production of tomorrow in order to ensure a high-quality food supply in Sweden;
  • a new competitive Swedish industry that can create thousands of new jobs; and
  • a sustainable food production with minimal environmental impact.
Our goal for Sustainable Food 2.0 is to commercialise Swedish knowledge of circular cultivation systems by building large-scale:
  • greenhouses;
  • land-based fish farms; and
  • systems for utilising and reusing waste from the area in a sustainable manner.

Ljusdal has a detailed, planned industrial area available west of Ljusdal. The area has great opportunities for further expansion with unique opportunities through partnerships and collaboration between new and existing local business activities  to establish a new circular food production.

The unique local conditions in Ljusdal for circular cultivation systems can be described as follows in the presentation below: